Národní organizace pro ověřování pravosti léčiv - NOOL

Non-profit organization NOOL was founded 6th March 2017 to ensure developing and managing National Medicines Verification System (CZMVS) in the Czech Republic according to the EU 2011/62 / EU directive - also called the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and regulated acts requirements.

A non-profit legal entity was created by representative stakeholder associations namely; AEDL (Association of European Distributors of Pharmaceuticals), AIFP (The Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry), AVEL (Association of Wholesale Distributors of Pharmaceuticals), ČAFF (Czech Association of Pharmaceutical Companies), ČLnK (Czech Chamber of Pharmacists).

The CZ ESM FMD Partners have agreed Statutes in the beginning of 2017, which describe the principles, conditions and governance arrangements by which the CZMVO (i.e. NOOL) is expected to operate.

Founding members

Associate members

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