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Czech Alert management system operated by NOOL is a supplementary system to the Czech National Medicines Verification System (CZMVS). Purpose of the system is to make alert investigation easier and support automation of the investigation process. Ultimately, the system helps to reduce the number of "false" suspicions of possible counterfeit.

The MAH/OBP can collect data and investigate alerts that have been generated on its medicinal products in three ways:

A. Czech Alert Management System web interface

The web interface allows easy management of alerts, exports to csv or xlsx, various filters, etc. AMS offers work with groups of alerts (adding, removing alerts from groups), bulk operations for alerts (closing, requests for additional information, etc.). The advantage is also fast anonymous direct communication with the end user or "chat with NOOL" directly in the CZAMS environment. A MAH/OBP can also manage the alerts of multiple MAHs within an organization/group. The user also manages confirmation and warning system notifications (determines for himself who and what notifications he will receive).

B. API communication

Integration of the user's own alert management system with the Czech Alert Management System using API communication. With the help of questions, it is possible to obtain information about individual alerts and alert groups, change their status, request additional information from the end user anonymously, etc.

C. One-time limited access to the alert

If an alert is generated for a medicinal product on MAH that is not yet registered in CZAMS, the system will automatically generate a link that is sent to the appropriate email address(es). The link is active for 90 days. During this time, the MAH can work with the alert in CZAMS as if they were connected to the full environment. However, management is limited to the specific alert for which the one-time access was generated, so it is not possible, for example, to close alerts in bulk or to communicate in bulk with other participants in the investigation (end user, NOOL).

For full access to alerts with many useful features, we still highly recommend you to connect to thep CZAMS environment



Send a request for a primary connection to the CZAMS (web interface or API) to the e-mail Then you manage your own users yourself.


VIDEO - Notification and escalation system


User manual for web interface for MAH/OBPs

User manual for one-time limited access to the AMS for MAH/OBPs

Technical documentation for developers - description of API

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