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Alert management system operated by CZMVO-NOOL is a supplementary system to the Czech national medicines verification system (CZMVS). Purpose of the system is to make alert investigation easier and support automation of the investigation process. Ultimately, the system helps to reduce the number of "false" suspicions of possible counterfeit.

MAH/OBP can investigate alerts and find out additional alert information generated related to MAH’s medicines packs using one of 3 different ways:   

A. Direct communication via API to CZMVO-NOOL alert management system

The integration of MAH(OBP)’s own software with NOOL alert management system via API enables managing alerts in own system. By using standard answers to queries information regarding individual alerts or group of alerts can be received including the change of the alert status, request of additional information from end user anonymously etc.

B. NOOL web interface for alerts management

Users without own alert management system or users where corporate policies do not allow integration can use user friendly web interface of NOOL alert management system. Web interface allows easy management of alerts, exports to csv or xls, various filtering etc. It also includes easy work with alert groups (adding and removing of alerts from groups), bulk operations over alerts (closing, requests for additional information etc.)

C. Reply to automatically generated e-mails with pre-defined answers („on click“ e-mails).

The original temporary system where the MAH manages alerts using a reply e-mail. However, this system will not be further developed and its termination is being prepared.



For all requests related to the registration to web interface or API contact on email should be used.

Important notice: test environment will be accessible at the first phase and afterwards (after e-mail confirmation from MAH) the production environment can be activated. On-click emails will be turned off at the same time. It is not possible to have active both ways at the same time!



User manual for web interface for MAH/OBPs

Technical documentation for developers - description of API

R2.1 - Change information

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