What are cookies?

Cookies are files with a small amount of data that store information in your browser in order to recognize you as a user. Information is stored in anonymized form and the identity of individual users cannot be disclosed from the data. Why are cookies necessary?

  • To improve our services and to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To maintain correct and proper functioning of our websites, enabling you to use our contact form comfortably and without limitations.
  • To remember our customers‘ log-in data, saving you the need to enter the data every time you wish to log in.
  • For statistical purposes. We monitor which sites and/or functionalities are visited most frequently and we use the information to tailor our offer exactly to your requirements.

More general information about cookies can be found e.g. here

Which cookies we use:

There are two categories of cookies on our websites: short-term (session) cookies, stored temporarily while your browser remains open, and long-term (persistent) cookies that are stored in your device (physical browser cache) unless manually deleted or unless removed in the cookies storage process (cookie retention time in your device depends on the cookie setting and browser setting).

Functional classification of cookies is the following:

  • Essential cookies required for basic functioning of the websites;
  • Analytical cookies that help us improve user experience, effectiveness and efficiency of our websites by analysing how users use our websites;
  • Conversion cookies that help us enhance and analyze the functioning of our offers, sites, services and channels (inactive at the moment);
  • Tracking cookies that, when used with conversions, enable us to analyze the performance of individual channels (inactive at the moment).

Some cookies may collect information that is subsequently used by “third parties” directly supporting our activities – so called “third party cookies” (inactive at the moment).

It is virtually impossible to guess your identity from cookies data.

We use the following cookies at our websites:

Essential cookies









Analytical cookies







2 years



1 day



1 hour


How to reject cookies:

You can manage your cookies preferences (settings/restrictions and/or acceptance) in your web browser. The secure browser setup accepts cookies automatically. You have the option to reject cookies in your browser or to enable selected cookies only.

Note: If you reject first- and/or third-party cookies, certain functionalities at this website may not work as developed, because of the disabled cookies.

To adjust your cookies preferences, click the “cogged wheel” icon in the bottom left corner at any site.

More information about each browser and how to set up your cookies preferences is available at the following websites:

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