Falsified medicines represent serious danger for their consumers. Therefore, a project to prevent the entry into the legal supply chain of falsified medicinal products has been initiated by European commission.
Starting 9 February 2019 medicines must be verified by scanning 2D bar code before being dispensed to patients. In the Czech Republic the National Medicines Verification Organization (NOOL, CZMVO) is responsible for implementing and operating the system for verifying the authenticity of medicines.
NOOL (CZMVO) is driven in cooperation of 5 associations:
- AEDL – Association of European Distributors of Pharmaceuticals
- AIFP – The Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry
- AVEL – Association of Wholesale Distributors of Pharmaceuticals
- ČAFF – Czech Association of Pharmaceutical Companies
- ČLnK - Czech Chamber of Pharmacists



NMVS Supplier Change in Finland

CZMVO team communicates information from EMVO: NMVS Supplier Change in Finland The Finnish Medicines Verification System has been successfully migrated to the Solidsoft…

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Warning - CZMVS scheduled maintenance

Please note that there will be a planned CZMVS outage on Monday, 6th November, 2023 from 10:00pm until approximately 3:00am on 7th November, 2023. This will be to implement…

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