CZMVS Status

Current status of CZMVS

  • Fully functional
  • Available with restrictions
  • Unavailable

CZMVS is now fully functional running without limits.

Important information


Warning - CZMVS scheduled maintenance

Please note that there will be a planned CZMVS outage on Monday, 6th November, 2023 from 10:00pm until approximately 3:00am on 7th November, 2023. This…


NSOL response problems with IMT transactions

Please note: as of approximately 8:00 AM today (10/20/2023) we have reported extended responses to IMT transactions. The problem is caused by performance degradation of one of the Microsoft services on the EU-HUB side, and is being intensively investigated.

We apologize for any complications.



Communication problem with EU-HUB

Please note: as of approximately 6:50am today (16th June2023) we have reported extended responses to some MAH/OBP transactions when communicating with…

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