Alert Management System (AMS) - End of pilot testing of R6.0, implementation of R7.A

Please be informed that the pilot testing of the Alert Management System (AMS R6.0.) release has been successfully completed. Thanks to the active cooperation of the pilot participants, the functionality of the new more secure way of logging into the AMS web interface was confirmed, as well as the functionality of the new API version (2.0. - OAuth2) was verified.

The identified minor deficiencies were corrected during the pilot. We thank to all participants for their cooperation!

On Tuesday, 30th May, 2023, after 6pm, users of the AMS web interface will be set to optionally switch to a more secure two-factor login to the AMS web interface (e-mail or Google authorization) as well as token generation for API 2.0 will be made available. However, the existing login system (including API 1.0) will still be usable.

We anticipate that during October 2023 this authentication method will no longer be mandatory, and the option to use API 1.0 will also be removed. We will inform you of the exact date in due course.

At the same time, a partial release of AMS (R7.A) will be implemented. The deployment is in response to changes made to CZMVS (R12) this week. It mainly concerns modifications in the processing of information from CZMVS.

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