Working with alerts must be done in the AMS production environment

Did you know that working with alerts must be done in the AMS production environment? 

Upon communicaton with end users and MAHs, we have seen situations where an alert could not be resloved despite the recommended procedure being applied. In majority of cases the stumbling block is the AMS testing environment which is only intended for testing purposes.

If you are in the test environment, the address will appear in the address bar. Another distinguishing feature is the yellow bar at the top of the screen informing: ATTENTION! - TEST ENVIRONMENT! Do not use to communicate with CZMVO!


The test environment demonstrates work with alerts and enables simulation of various situations according to the process workflow. However, all operations are for testing purposes only and have no effect on alerts in the production environment.

For genuine alert management, please always make sure that you are logged into the production environment. You can easily recognize it from the address bar of your browser which must read

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