Alert ID

Did you know that mentioning alert ID in the communication with NOOL significantly speeds up the entire investigation process?

Each alert generated in the CZMVS has a specific identification number, the so-called UPRC (Unique Pack Return Code), thanks to which we can immediately determine the place and time of the alert, the product name, the marketing authorization holder and other necessary information.

It is also very important for a further communication associated with the alert investigation.

The alert identification number contains a text row, where the first two letters indicate the market that triggered the alert. In the Czech Republic you will most frequently encounter alerts beginning with CZ-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx, which indicates the alert was generated in the Czech system. If the prefix is different, the alert was raised in a foreign market during an intermarket transaction. This means that the data was not available in the Czech repository for the given product, and the request was sent to a foreign repository. However, for some reason the requested operation could not be performed, and an alert was raised. Regardless of the national repository that generated the alert, it always represents a potential case of counterfeiting on Czech territory and must be duly investigated. 

In order to ensure a smooth exchange of information during the alert investigation process, we would like to kindly ask you to always include the alert ID in the subject of the e-mail or to have it available to hand on a phone call.

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