Alert propagation via EU HUB

EMVO announces plans to propagate all alerts received from the National Systems to OBPs.

Currently the EU Hub is not propagating all Level 5 alerts to OBPs which it is receiving from the National Systems. In a forthcoming fix, 3 additional alerts will be propagated to OBPs:

  • #A7 Pack already in the requested state

  • #A24 Status change could be performed

  • #A68 Expiry date mismatch

The importance of above described correction is known  need for OBPs to be informed about these alerts in order to be able to take appropriate action that can reduce number of alerts. EMVO will further communicate on timelines and inform once this change has been made.

In the Czech Republic, NOOL alredy informs MAHs or OBPs dirrectly on these alerts due to existing alert managment system implemented from 9th February 2019.

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