Alert status notification emails

Did you know that the AMS (Alert management system) sends automatic notifications about alert status changes to users?

For example, when requesting additional information from the MAH, the system sends a notification by e-mail inviting the end user to cooperate. If the MAH changes the alert status to „04a - MAH - info from end user“, it means additional information is needed in order to investigate the alert (picture of the pack, explanation of the issue), otherwise the alert cannot be resolved appropriately. As soon as the request is made (the MAH sets the alert to status „04a - MAH - info from end user“) the AMS generates a notification and sends it to the the end user's e-mail addresses.

If the status of the alert is not changed within 48 hours, the AMS will send a further notification and another one after 5 days from the MAH request. If the end user does not respond for more than 14 days, the MAH may now close the alert as „06o - Closed- End user does not cooperate - cannot be supplied”. Consequently, the concerned package cannot be dispensed and must be kept in quarantine, until the requested information is provided to the MAH.

Therefore, please pay attention to the notification e-mails sent from AMS and respond as soon as possible if you receive a request for cooperation.

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