Alerts generated in 2020

All alerts in the Alert Management System (AMS) must be investigated and closed, including alerts generated in 2020. However, some types of alerts from 2020 can be closed by so-called shortened investigation, without the cooperation of end users. It concerns 3 types of alerts:

  • A7 – “Pack already in the requested state”
  • A3 – “Pack not found”
  • A52 – “Expiry date mismatch”

These types of alerts from 2020 can be closed if the MAH eliminates the error on its part and provides maximum available information.

Then the alert can be closed with a suitable end state of the alert related to non-standard investigation (these alerts are closed in AMS from R 4.0 with the flag that it is an alert from 2020, which can be investigated and closed in this form).

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