Alerts of lower level (level 3) are currently visible in AMS

Did you know that alerts of lower level (level 3) are currently visible in AMS?

A number of various warnings and notifications are raised in CZMVS, however; only level 5 alerts denote a potential counterfeit suspect. In such cases the system generates a UPRC (Unique Pack Return Code) in the form of CZ-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX, where „CZ“ indicates the market that generated the alert. 

The latest version of AMS involves also level 3 alerts which are raised in 2 possible scenarios:

  1. The product code of the pack is not known to any of the european national repositories (A1 alert).
  2. A reactivation attempt is performed at a location that is different from the location that decommissioned the pack (A5 alert).

CZMVO is currently in the process of creating (with our NCA) a procedure for level 3 alerts. In the meantime, these alerts are accessible in the AMS for informative purposes only and no action is required to be taken by pharmacy, distributor or MAH/OBP. 

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