Continuous monitoring of CZMVS status on NOOL web page

Due to the repeated problems with the CZMVS system response, which we have seen in recent weeks, we have, among other things, implemented our own continuous monitoring of the CZMVS from the perspective of the end user.

At the same time, we have created the "NSOL STATUS" section on the NOOL website (Czech version available, English version under preparation), where you can monitor online whether CZMVS, according to our monitoring, operates without limitations or we have noticed a partial limitation of functionality, or prolonging the reaction of the system. In the event of an unplanned outage and unavailability of CZMVS, a warning message appears on the page. CZMVS status monitoring is possible by "clicking" from the main page of the NOOL website - on the "NSOL STATUS" tab. In this section, the current status of the system is always visible - in the form of a traffic light and explanatory description - at the same time, all ongoing commentaries on the development and correction of errors in case of problems will continue to be presented here. Planned outages of CZMVS and other important information such as the upcoming modifications will be published both in the news on the main site and in this section.

We believe that until the cause of the problem is removed 100%, this adjustment will help to spread information more quickly.

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