CZMVO visit at the pharmacy

On May 18th, two CZMVO employees together with two CZMVO call center employees visited probably the largest pharmacy in the Czech Republic - at Pankrac in Prague 4. Thanks to the helpfulness and willingness of Medicon Pharm s.r.o. employees, CZMVO representatives had the opportunity to meet current FMD practice in more detail after a long time, even from the point of view of the large pharmacy. 

We were pleased that, with a very few exceptions, there are no problems with the response time by the dispensing request at this pharmacy. We artificially created several alerts and the time until the receipt of the information e-mail about the generated alert was very short - almost immediate, the actual processing in our AMS system ranged from 8 to 10 minutes.

We confirmed that the pharmacy system used by the pharmacy is at a very good level also from the FMD point of view (except for a minor error in the incorrect evaluation of manual entry). It also helps pharmacy employees in dealing with possible alerts and releasing medicinal products from quarantine.

A persistent problem is the accidental error of the scanners (especially at higher scanning frequencies) and use of 2D Matrix codes white printed on the black background, which complicates and prolongs scanning. Furthermore, the pharmacy staff pointed out the ambiguities surrounding the correct procedure for decomission of lost or illegible packaging (unknown SN) and the problem with the packaging that the patient returns to the pharmacy as a complaint. In this case, they cannot supply the newly issued package because the original package has already been dispensed. The new package dispensed to the patient thus remains active in Czech NMVS. 

The pharmacy staff also answered a lot of our questions. This will certainly help us in the further direction and development of both the NMVS (National Medicine Verification System) and our Alert Management System (AMS). We would like to thank Medicon Pharm s. r. o. for their helpfulness and look forward to further cooperation.

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