End-user registration to CZMVS

Pharmacies and wholesalers not registered to CZMVS should start it immediately!!!

End-users registration, those who did not participate in the pilot testing,  started on October 24, 2018. Information letters with login to NOOL portal have been sent to the statutory bodies at the address of the company's registered office. To date, 1829 entities (companies) have been asked to start the registration, contacting entities with foreign headquarters is in progress. If the company has not received a letter with login yet, please contact NOOL by email at: registrace@czmvo.cz

In order to simplify the registration process, we recommend to watch webinar organised by Czech Chamber of Pharmacists, which took place on November 8, 2018, and / or to follow the end user registration instructions published on the NOOL website in the Pharmacy or Distributor section (English version to be updated soon). During the registration some issues should be advised by your IT software providers dirrectly.



Part of the registration is the signing of the End-user agreement with NOOL regarding connection to the national CZMVS. 1185 companies have signed a contract till now, of which 1124 companies (992 pharmacies and 132 wholesalers are already connected or established and joining CZMVS.

NOOL registration support will be available till Friday, December 20th, 2018, and again from Wednesday, January 2nd 2019.

The latest date to start the registration process was recommended as January 14th, 2019 to ensure that everything is done in time, and you can try to verify products already serialized before February 9.

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