Gift to Ukraine

We are very concerned about the situation in Ukraine and we assume that many of you would like to help. If you wish to make a donation in the form of medicine supplies for the inhabitants of the local territory, it is always necessary to decommission the donated packages in the NMVS system.

The method of decommission varies depending on the type of organization.

A distributor holding an export permit will decommission the package as "Exported".

A pharmacy - the donor will use "Sample" status. If your pharmacy information system allows it, add the note "Gift" to the transaction.

This procedure has been consulted and approved by the State Institute for Drug Control. For possible drug donations, we draw your attention to the information published on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and its recommended procedure


The Czech National Medicines Verification Organization strongly condemns the attacks on Ukraine. We believe that a diplomatic solution will be found as soon as possible and the situation will calm down.


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