Notice to all users of the National Medicines Verification System (CZMVS) of the termination of API 2.3.

With the CZMVS R14 release implementation deadline approaching (13th May 2024), please note that the use of API version 2.3 will be discontinued!

We strongly encourage all users to verify with their FMD solution providers that their pharmacy/warehouse applications are ready for this change. As of the implementation date, all FMD solution users must be using API version 2.4 and higher! Otherwise, they will not be able to verify medicines in CZMVS!

API version 2.4 will be unsupported, but can still be used. API 2.4 will likely be removed in R16, which is scheduled for spring 2025.


Note: All software companies supplying FMD solutions to the Czech market are aware of this upcoming change and should be prepared for it. Last spring at the latest, all FMD solution suppliers were recertified to API 2.4.

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