Notification of termination of alert management via link emails

Announcement about ending of alert administration via „click“e-mails with links.

We would like to inform you that the automated sending of the so-called „click e-mails“ with links will be discontinued as of 28th July 2022 and replaced with one-time limited access tokens to the Alert Management System (AMS).

As soon as an alert is raised for a medicinal product, whose MAH is not yet registered to the AMS CZMVS, the system will generate a link that will be sent to your chosen e-mail address/es. The link is valid for 90 days. During this period you will be able to work with the alert in the AMS as if you were connected to the full environment. Your rights will however only be limited to the alert for which the token was generated.


In order to get a full access to your alerts and utilize many useful features, we recommend that you join the production AMS environment. The system has been operating for several years already and offers a user friendly interface with a variety of options such as filtering alerts, communicating anonymously with end users / CZMVO using preset messages or via messenger, as well as closing resolved alerts. The system also features a dashboard with various charts for a quick overview over a desired time period.


The range of options is very high and it is one of the reasons why more and more users wish to join. The system is absolutely free! You can find more information about AMS NOOL here for example.


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