OBP Data Upload Quality

The correctness of data stored in a national repository is the key to successful verification of medicinal packs in CZMVS. Pack identification errors due to incorrect data result in alerts and thus cause delays in the supply chain. 

In case of a multi-market batch, the packs must be uploaded equally in all the target national repositories in order to facilitate decommissioning of the unique identifier from any of the European markets, and ensure correct synchronization among markets. 

The second part of a series of online trainings and webcasts published by the EMVO, which aim to provide useful information on a diverse set of EMVS-related topics, is dedicated to the quality of OBP data uploads.

The recording is accessible here and on EMVO’s website (Knowledge Database -> Videos) where you can also check out the first webinar on “EU FMD Designated Wholesalers”.

EMVO encourages you to consult the EMVS Master Data Guide which goes hand in hand with the training.

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