Possible methods for verification by a third party

Have you noticed, that there are two possibilities for wholesalers whose medicines are contractually verified by a third party

In order to comply with the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161, the Czech Medicines Verification Organisation (CZMVO) offers two options to wholesalers who have contractually delegated their obligation related to medicine verification as per the „Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)" to a third party.

The first option is a solution via the so-called EVA portal (Emergency Verification Application). The EVA portal serves primarily as an emergency verification system used to verify the authenticity of medicines in case of a problem with the end user's FMD application or device. Using this solution offers limited authentication possibilities. In the portal, you can only verify and decommission medicine, by entering data manually, without using a reader. You can log in to the EVA portal using the same access data used to log in to the CZMVS. If you choose this option, there is no need to use pharmacy software. In such cases, the use of the EVA portal is also approved by the National Certificate Authority (SÚKL).

You can log in to the EVA portal here.

Instructions for using the EVA portal can be viewed here (from p. 37 onwards).

The second option, which enables medicine verification, is to connect to the CZMVS via pharmacy or distribution software in a standard way. In such cases, it is necessary to connect a verification device to a location created in the CZMVS via this software.

Both options require Agreement on the use of the NSOL by end users to be signed and to be connected to the CZMVS.

CZMVS registration process can be found here.

Instructions and options of using CZMVS can be found here.

For more detailed information including instructions and FAQs on the topic of third-party verification, please visit CZMVO website under System Users/Distributors or System Users/Pharmacies.

If necessary, do not hesitate to contact CZMVO via email registration@czmvo.cz .


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