Reminder - recertification IT companies

We remind that the term for re-certification of all SW FMD solution will be due on 31st January 2023!

The rationale behind re-certification is primarily the fact that a majority of IT companies supplying FMD solutions were certified between 2019 – 2019 for API ver. 1.0 -1.5). Currently, API version 2.4. is supported. Over the last 3 years, a number of improvements have been implemented to the Czech medicines verification system (CZMVS) that did not need to be utilized by IT companies in their applications, which would however have been desirable for a proper functioning of CZMVS. We are convinced that many of your SW solutions have been upgraded as well, even though some API functions may not have been implemented correctly. For that reason, all countries using the SolidSoft Reply solution have performed re-certification of their IT companies that provide FMD solutions on their markets.

Attention: As per the chapter 5 (art. 5.4) of the Agreement On The Use Of The NSOL National System By End Users, an end user is obliged to utilize only those IT solutions validated by NOOL. It further states that "failure to fulfill the obligation under this Article shall be deemed as a breach of a substantive obligation under this Agreement." In other words, end users may not connect any IT solution that is not certified in accordance with this article to access or use the national verification system CZMVS until the obligation stipulated by this article is fulfilled.


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