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NOOL informs about a change in the support center

The National Medicines Verification Organization (NOOL) would like to inform its partners about the change in the functioning of the support center, which will take place on February 1st 2023. After many years of cooperation with Innovation One company, which provided external call centre services to NOOL, this agenda will be transferred directly to NOOL. Therefore, the support center will now be managed directly from the NOOL office.

There is no change for users of the National Medicines Verification System (NSOL) and Alert Management System (AMS). The new support center team will build on the successes of the previous team and will continue to provide expert assistance with the FMD application in the Czech Republic. All phone ontacts at NOOL remain unchanged. Warning! new e-mail contact

Please, expect limited support availability on February 1st 2023. All lines will be fully available from February 2nd 2023, weekdays 08:30—17:00.

NOOL would like to thank Innovation One for the cooperation and wishes to this company every success in the implementation of future projects.



General support and alert resolution

+420 224 834 153



+420 224 834 153


Activities of the NOOL support center team

The NOOL support center acts as the intermediary between system users (MAHs, end users) and provides support to NOOL during alert investigation process.

The key task of the support center is communication with system users. They respond to queries on the phone or via email and provide directions to ensure conclusion of investigation and thereby closing of alerts in a timely manner.

The support center possesses a great deal of knowledge and experience and can therefore give expert advice in order to help users with reducing their alerts. Sharing of experience plays an important role in alert solving and prevention.

Assistance provided to end users mostly involves help with the alert causing issues and forwarding information to the MAHs.

The MAHs mostly require assistance with the AMS NOOL, information about the CZ repository and further alert related information from the end users. If the MAH is not connected to AMS NOOL, the support center provides coverage of the automated functions.



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