The amendment to the Pharmaceuticals Act with modifications related to FMD was approved by the Government on August 22, 2018

The Government approved an amendment to the Act on Pharmaceuticals (No. 378/2007 Coll.), which aims to enable the functioning of the anti-counterfeiting system. This system must be implemented by the Czech Republic according to European legislation.


As is evident from many of the information available on the NOOL website, as of 9 February next year, all prescription drugs for human use will be required to be verified at the time of disposal to the public. On selected medicines, a new 2D code appears already in the pilot operation of the system. In the near future, they will be on all prescription drugs.

The system will make patients virtually absolutely sure that they have received the right medicine, which, in addition, went to the pharmacy in a legal way. In many European countries, counterfeited and / or stolen and re-recovered medicines have been detected in the legal distribution network, which pose a great risk to users. The new control system, together with the maintenance of the existing high standards, should help to prevent such a problem from occurring in the Czech Republic.

All parties involved in the distribution chain should endeavour to fulfil the obligations imposed on them by the implementation and operation of the new control mechanism so as not to jeopardize the availability of medicines and the fluidity of delivery.

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