The package cannot be verified - closing the alert

Did you know that you will find information on how to handle packages that cannot be verified directly under the alert in the NOOL Alert Management System (AMS)? 

Alerts related to packages that cannot be verified are usually closed directly by the MAH in the AMS as "06c - Closed - MAH error - Uncorrected", or MAH will give an instruction to return the package to the distributor. The alert is closed automatically by selecting "MAH/OBP error. Unable to fix - cannot be re-verified. Return the package to the supplier marked with the alert ID. " 

Such packages can be immediately take out of quarantine by the pharmacy and returned to the supplier. As a reason for the return, we recommend to mention the above facts, i.e. the package cannot be verified and MAH has instructed to return it, or information that the alert for the package is closed with the status: "06c - Closed - MAH error - Uncorrected".

The distributor will confirm the information provided by the pharmacy, i.e. that the packaging cannot really be verified. If another alert is issued, the distribution may immediately return the package to its supplier. 

Please note that in these cases it is not desirable to verify the package repeatedly, as a new alert is generated each time.

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