Two years of FMD and verification

The obligation to verify the authenticity of prescription medicines has been in force throughout the EU since 9 February 2019. All those involved in the verification of medicines, the entire National organization for medicine verification (NOOL), the State Institute for Drug Control, marketing authorization holders (MAH), but especially pharmacists and distributors have reason to celebrate!

The Czechia is one of the countries where all pharmacies are connected to the system. The National Authentication System (NSOL) operates without interruptions and, in addition, reports an ever-decreasing number of alerts, which are among the lowest in the EU. The Alert Management System developed and operated by NOOL helps pharmacists and marketing authorization holders to investigate, solve and close alerts.

We celebrated the first anniversary with a press conference last year, and the second this year overshadowed other topics, especially COVID-19 and vaccination issues. Even at this special time, the verification of medicines is of great importance, because it is a time of unrest that poses a higher risk for counterfeits entering the European market.

Thanks to all participants, however, the Czech market for medicinal products is being kept safe.

By the third year, we wish all "connected" good health and a lot of optimism.

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