Update - Problems with slow response or limited CZMVS availability

During the morning as well as in the afternoon yesterday, we experienced problems with the verification or slow reaction of the CZMVS. Solidsoft Reply investigates the situation to determine the cause of the problem.

Subsequently, corrective action will be taken to ensure that the system is running smoothly in the future.


11:24 update: System service nodes have been restarted. Diagnostic tools are showing that performance has returned to normal and that the system is working as expected. 


14:50 update: Problem still occurs - end users cannot verify or system responses are slow. Solidsoft continues to identify the cause; an unexpected amount of memory consumed by an end user (s) API is recorded, which would explain the slow execution time of the request. Once 100% of the cause of the system slowdown is confirmed, corrective actions for future operations will be addressed with the supplier.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 
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